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Filing a Lawsuit Against Your Lender

There are a number of reasons to file a lawsuit against your lender when they have acted in bad faith. These reasons include:

  • The bank claims it lost your documentation.
  • An extension granted by a lender during a trial modification is suddenly withdrawn, despite payments having been timely made, and results in foreclosure.
  • The original loan was predatory.
  • A fake modification program was initiated by a lawyer or alleged financial consultant.
  • There was a breach of contract.
  • Your lender promised a modification after your trial payments were made, but failed to follow through on that promise.

Once a lawsuit is filed, we also record a Notice of Pendency against your property to place everyone on notice that there is a lawsuit pending. Your lender may choose to cancel the foreclosure sale as a result, although it is not guaranteed that they will.

Our goal will be to obtain just compensation for you, and negotiate to settle the case with a resolution that makes sense for you, the homeowner.

If you feel that you have a claim against your lender for any of these reasons, please contact us immediately so we can assess your claim and counsel you accordingly.

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